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A Window into Elder World


3rd Installment of the series:

                      "Reports from the Elder Front"

At last year’s festival, Lost in Elder World, illuminated the perils of elder advocacy, as a

daughter, shared her experience with her mother & mom’s pooch in assisted living. This year, amidst a pandemic, the daughter aims to advocate remotely for her mother marooned in a facility two thousand miles away; shining the light on the labyrinth of problems, while laughing at the absurdities along the way.

Ready to do something? Become an Ombudsman  to advocate for seniors.
Desire to make a difference as one goes through the end of life transition? 
You can be trained for Hospice.
Need support? 
Click on CARIE to get assistance.


Center for Advocacy for the Rights 
& Interests of the Elderly
Portland, Oregon COVID 19 support for people 55 & up. 


Loneliness Line
503-200-1633 or 


Heritage 1 - Arranged Marriage 
Migration Stories 

MAC 6/18

Heritage 2 - This Country Doesn't Feel Like Home
Migration Stories

MAC 6/18

Immigration Over Time
My Grandma

Immigrant Story 
Pro Photo Supply 7-8/19


I’m an author and performer. My illness memoir, “If Only George Clooney Were My Doctor,” is an off-beat take on my time on life support.


My influences are Spalding Gray, Bill Maher, Maureen Dowd, Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee, David Sedaris and Caitlin Moran among others...humor with a bent to the political along with pop culture nnd music references.

My writing about illness advocacy has been performed as staged readings in New York City. This Spring, my writing on caregiving was in ensemble theater pieces at the George Street Playhouse in New Jersey, and a community reading at the Profile Theater in Portland. 

I consider myself part of the Narrative Medicine 

Movement. Authors whether they're doctors, patients, or caregivers discover moments of transcendence

 through writing. 


Another passion is

immigration, My father's parents came through Ellis Island. I’ve explored this through my photo/literature work; shown in juried art shows. 


Hypatia In The Woods, a women’s writing residency was kind enough to give me a scholarship. I’m thrilled to be part of the Writer’s Guild Initiative mentorship program. 



Lost In Elder World
Writer's Guild Initiative
The Radio Rolled Me
Clark College Phoenix
Nowhere Near
Ruminate Magazine
Creative Arts Council
Stereo Stories


The Burden of Loss
Oregon Humanities 
Hypatia In The Woods



My Faux Husband
Footy Almanac - Music


For any inquiries, please contact  Darlene Zimbardi

Tel: 917-880-0722  | darlene.zimbardi@gmail.com

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